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Quick Start: I2P Setup for eepSite Browsing
for I2P ver 0.7x (beta), Windows / Internet Explorer & FireFox


Check your Java Runtime Engine (JRE)

Go to and check that your JRE is up to date

Download i2pinstall.jar

Go to to download i2pinstall.jar

Run i2pinstall.jar

Double-click on the file you downloaded

Optional: Install I2P as a Service

Double-click on the file install_i2p_service_wint to install the I2P proxy as an NT/2000 Service

Start I2P

Double-Click on the Desktop icon


View the I2P Router Console

Browse to http://localhost:7657

Reseed / Check Firewall

Click on "reseed".

If possible, act as an "introducer" by opening up your firewall to TCP & UDP traffic on port 8887.


Reseeding Complete

After 5 - 10 minutes, you should see:


Internet Explorer Users: Set the I2P Proxy

Tools | Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings | Use a Proxy Server for your LAN | Enter localhost and 4444

FireFox Users: Set the I2P Proxy

Tools | Options | General | Connection Settings | Manual Proxy Configuration | Enter localhost and 4444

Done! Browse to a site

Enter an eepSite name such as http://inproxy.tino.i2p into your browser address line